Welcome to Immobiliare Luganese Ticova SA

Based in Lugano and operating principally in Ticino Switzerland and Northern Italy Ticova Group through their three trading divisions has been advising and assisting both private and commercial clients to achieve their domestic or international property requirements for over twenty years.  Whether it’s the purchase, lease or sale of a private dwelling, the lease, purchase or sale of commercial premises or the relocation to a tax efficient environment Ticova Group offers a complete service.

With our two real estate divisions having access to leading financial institutions and lawyers Ticova Group can help smooth the sale or acquisition of private real estate and commercial property.  Ticova Group also brings in depth expertise in the sale and purchase of commercial property affording the benefit of tax efficient relocation.

Our service division, operating in conjunction with our two real estate divisions offers property management services on private and commercial rentals and can assist commercial clients not only to relieve the stress of international regulatory demands but also manage all ongoing relocation administration.

We offer our clients an improved Real Estate experience, going beyond traditional agency services, allowing us to build customer loyalty.

Ticova uses one of Europe’s best known property software which is constantly being developed, this helps us to find innovative solutions to the way we do business in turn allowing us to streamline our agency and manage customer relationships seamlessly through gateways Worldwide.

We work on the move, where our Agents go the software goes too giving them immediate access to the Ticova database.


Marketing Strategy

Switzerland remains an attractive destination for real estate investments compared with other countries

Our advertising platform can target specific online audiences by regions and countries worldwide and in multiple languages.  We customise all our local and international advertising accordingly.

We chose our local and International marketing portals carefully, sending properties to some of the World’s most popular property search engines.  Our target advertising is mainly in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Russian this enables us to reach out to potential investors in Countries that other real estate agents in Ticino do not facilitate.



Property search service:

Looking for the apartment or villa of your dreams? Contact us without any obligation and we will be happy to explain how our 360-degree real estate search service works.



As a real estate purchaser or vendor it can be stressful in dealing with an agent who is not a great communicator.  At Ticova we take pride in our customer service with mother tongue Italian, German, English and Swiss German Agents.


Client Motivation

Our client needs are always top priority. A client who is selling or buying investment properties will have very different needs to a client who is selling or buying their family home.

We listen to our client and customer’s needs.


Organisation with Attention to Detail

The tiniest of changes can make all the difference to improve the sale ability of the property; we are creative with our listings and always where possible prefer to take our own quality photos to ensure maximum exposure.

We make those tiniest of changes that make all the difference.



Every lead and every property which is shown is followed up quickly and efficiently by telephone and email.



Ticova Agents will lay out exactly what the seller or buyer can expect, from price to timing, finance to legal services and so much more. 

We strive to excel in our industry and appreciate the confidence you have placed in us; we look forward to providing you with the best possible service in the future.